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Opinion: You Know You'll Come Crawling Back After I Kick Meth

Guest editorial by Zeke, a meth head


We have had our ups and downs, our fights, our restraining orders, but you know I love you.

And you know you'll come crawling right back to me after I kick methamphetamines.

Yeah, I know I'm in a bad space right now. I've spent the rent three of the last four months, sold every piece of furniture we had, and even traded your wedding ring for $40 of crystal meth. You got a right to be angry - I should have held out for at least $100 worth.

But I'm serious about quitting this time. Those last six times I quit, I didn't know what was really important. Like you. The baby. Our family.

Or what life is like without believing bugs are crawling under my skin. Nasty little fuckers! Ahhh!

When I get clean - and stay clean - we'll be able to the live the life we always dreamed about. I'll get the band back together, we'll cut an album, and I'll buy you that house you always wanted.

Because we were made for each other, baby. We're like soul mates. And you just know that nobody makes you feel the way I do.

Hey, hey - don't walk away. This time it's for real!

Listen - before you go - could you loan me twenty bucks? I have to - uh - fill up my gas tank to drive over to the detox clinic. You know I'm good for it.

Thanks, baby. And sorry about setting the bed on fire last week. You know how I get when I'm crashing - I'm like a fucking narcoleptic or something.


BTW, those were bugs crawling under your skin.
Damn, I said shit exactly like that - not about meth - back before I actually did get sober 6 years ago. Dude it was like you were channeling me, or sumfin. Wow.
DUde...... thouse bugs ARE REAL MAN!!!!! get a life, if your stupid enyough to get yourself cought up in that SHIT! then good for you sit there on the corner talking to your self while i walk around you from the store, and fuck you no i dont have any change. get a job you lazy parsite, stop sucking off us willing to work for what we have.... here is an idea 1. hold off getting that rock for a few days, 2. dig a hole in the woods, 3. get that big yummy lump of shit get in your hole and smoke it untell you OD! that way with any luck you will be dead and wont bother anyone anymore.
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