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Rachael Ray Nude Pics - National Nitwit Exclusive

Rachael Ray lesbian sexLeft: Rachael Ray in hot lesbian sex

(Columbus, OH) National Nitwit, America's premier site for prevaricative news, has obtained photos of femme food fatale Rachael Ray, documenting the goddess of grub in lesbian orgies, FFM threesomes, FFFF foursomes, and assorted wild sex.

"Pretty much every type of hot Rachael Ray sex you could imagine is here," said Subcomandante Bob, editor of National Nitwit. "We have Rachael Ray in girl-on-girl sex, outdoor sex, shower sex - brother, it's epic!"

Hot lesbian sex with Rachael RayLeft: Threesome with Rachael Ray and two lucky dudes

Rachael Ray was unavailable for comment, said a spokesperson at the Food Network, who added that the erstwhile food guru only recently joined the cable channel.

"We were a little surprised, to say the least," she said. "But you have to figure that a bodacious babe like Rachael Ray would be interested in more than extra-virgin olive oil and Vodka Cream Pasta."

Nude Rachael Ray in 69 with a hot babeNude Rachael Ray in 69 with a hot babe

The most popular of the Rachael Ray nude photos has been one that was described by Subcomandante Bob as a "massive sex-off."

"Dude - it was like nothing I had ever seen before. Chicks having sex with chicks, threesomes, foursomes - just crazy sex everywhere!" the enigmatic editor enthused. "I'm just glad our photographers were able to capture all this wild Rachael Ray sex for posterity - it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime orgy."

Editor's note: Complaints from Rachael Ray's management team forced Google to censor these pictures. Natonal Nitwit apologizes for this inconvenience, and hopes to resolve this temporary censorship through the legal system in order to bring you more hot sex pics of Rachael Ray.

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WHOA! Those are some totally HOT pics of Rachael Ray nude!
Rachael Ray is dumb as a post, but she sure is hot in these nude pics!
GAWD DAMN!!! Rachael Ray is one hot babe! This is the first time I saw Rachael Ray nude.

Rachael Ray pretty!

More nude Rachael Ray pics when you click on blue line.

Anyone be mean to Rachael Ray and Willy will SMASH that stupid head!

Rachael Ray pretty!! Yum! Yum!
you are dumb. die in a fire.
Horrible article.
Hey anonymous - R U Gay???

These Rachael Ray nudie pics are incredibly hot!!!!
Nah - that other guy's just mad because he got CENSORED. Adjust your parental control or Google control settings to see the nude Rachael Ray pics.
Tried changing my setttings, but I still get the "CENSORED" tag
OMG!!! I just tossed my Viagra in the trash - these pix of RR are enough to keep me "in the game" as they say in the ads for a looooong time. I wanna rub some evoo on that taco.
I was doing Rachel before she made it big (Rach, why won't you return my calls? You know nobody gives you the big O better then I do) and let me tell you these pix are mild compared to some of the stuff she has done. Com'on home honey all is forgiven - Tommy, Jake & i will stop you up just the way you like it'll be like the old days.
still censored.
can someone just post them somewhere else, please?
damn!! after changing the parental control and deleting my firewall those pics are HOTT!!!!
I've found Rachel Ray Nude Video at

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Good quality video...

bullshit. there are NO nude pictures of her. these idiots just say what you want to hear. i mean honestly why would THIS lame ass site be the only ones to have then when even pay sites come up short? you ppl will beleive anything..
ahh can someone help me i got censored just send me an email at rich12354@aim.com on how to fix this
Rachael Ray Nude Photos:


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