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Coffee Makers Face Lawsuit Over Caffeine Addiction

(Dallas, TX) A federal judge will hear arguments this week over claims that global coffee manufacturers and distributors knowingly distributed a product that is addictive.

Moreover, argue attorneys for the plaintiffs, representatives of brands such as Maxwell House and Folger's actively pursued the development of coffee beans with ever-higher caffeine contents.

"They knew that coffee caused people to get hooked, and they knew the danger of addiction," attorney Daniel Herndon told jurors in the Dallas, Texas courtoom. "Every time they had a chance to share the truth with the American people, they lied."

Herndon is representing Jared Fackelman of Plano, TX. The attorney said his client became a "raving, caffeine-addicted psychopath" within months of developing his coffee habit.

"If you become addicted to coffee, you have a 4000 percent greater chance of developing road rage than nondrinkers," Herndon said.

Fackelman during his "addiction terror"

Fackelman said in a deposition that he never would have started drinking coffee if he had known it would be so difficult to quit. Herndon said Fackelman still had to have his twelve cups of coffee a day, even after his wife left him for someone "less wired."

"Why didn't they warn of the danger of addiction before Jared Fackelman was hooked?" asked Herndon. "I'll tell you: it's about profits and about creating a captive audience of addicts, that's why."

Fackelman said that the lawsuit is not about the potential $10 million judgment.

"I want to make sure that Juan Valdez and his cronies can never again turn someone's life into a living hell," he said, looking off into the distance. "The coffee industry’s targeting of children goes far beyond marketing and advertising - they want to get you hooked and turned into a lifelong coffee zombie, crawling around downtown in hopes of finding a Starbucks open at 4:00 am. Pretty goddamn sick stuff, and I should know - I lived it."

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Poor man - I hope he wins!
idiot! taking coffee is one's own responsability, learn to live with it and dont try to saddle the problem on anothers shoulders. Or just stop drinking coffee. He is trying to get some money after having lost his wife and his live because of his own stupid fault.
I agree. People need to take responsibility for everything in their own life. Our society is moving more and more towards blame and litigation. True, known product dangers need to be disclosed so that people are able to take responsibility. However, I would have thought that common sense would show that any artificial stimulant is likely to have an addictive effect and the information on caffiene has been available to anyone interested for longer than he has been drinking coffee.
Having said that, some people are more easily addicted to things than others, that addictive personality is a combined result of genetics, diet and psychological reasons - perhaps he should start there.
Are you serious, coffee isn't directed towards children. Ive never seen coffee for a childrens program or show. Its not part of a Happy Meal. Seriously this dude needs to stop with trying to make a quick buck by not taking responsiblility over his life. Everyone knows Caffiene is addictive and caffiene is in everything, I.E Soda and health drinks.

Furthermore, you can get decaf so its still his choice. I agree with anonymous, ppl need to stop trying to make money because of their lack of control and accept that they messed up their life.
This is stupid! I've had coffee before and not addicted. I think the stuff taste horrible but it's not like it's filled with nicotine. And anyways, the stuff about them targetting kids is complete bull****! I'm a kid I have never seen even the slightest indication of them targeting me or other kids. So, I hope liar loses the case.
life its self is addictive. and maybe someone should sue him for such a transparant and frivoulous lawsuite and waist of time, or maybe we should sue his parents for not educating him properly in the fist place????
It is a common fact that coffee has caffiene. Many companies have evn printed a warn for years. People are also affected differently by it. This man must be "special". I have limited willpower. I drank 5 cups of coffee a day for many years, and quit without even a headache. People will do anything for money, won't they...
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